Principal's Message
Dear Xavierites,


As we start this New Year with vigour and freshness, I exhort each one to give one’s best in everything you do in the school activities.

These performances include not just the curriculum of the school but it goes beyond the marks oriented activities. It includes the way you behave to your teachers, friends, to people those who come to the school compass and even to your parents at home.

The most important activity in this school is “Being Human.” It is the respect for each other and treating the other as a brother and a sister. Being Human is first, the rest will follow. If we have concern for each other, then we will see good results not just in individuals but as a community.

The culture of St. Xavier must be unique with excellence even in small activities. Our priority is not 100 percent but improvement from the previous and move towards perfection.

I wish you Good luck.